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Life failure

17 Apr

In the last 6 months, I have lost 3 jobs. There, I said it!

Does this make me a loser?  I don’t think it does,  but I feel like it sometimes. I know I am not a loser because I put myself through nursing school, maintaining a 3,95 GPA, while working a part-time job and being a single parent with three children! I have  excellent credit, own my own home, and my kids are pretty good. I have blown through my savings, but that is why I save in the first place! I think in some ways this was a blessing, giving me some time off to think about stuff and start this blog!

(skip this section if you don’t care to read what happened)

I was with one company for 2 and a half years. They hired my new boss, who I soon felt a visceral repulsion towards. Behind closed doors, she was arrogant and condescending. When someone who mattered was around, she was all happy and sing-song-y (aka fake)!  She and I were a bit like oil and water. She did not like me at all either! It was my job to orient her to the facility, to which she brushed me off (because she already knew everything there was to know) and was “too busy” to get a tour or do this or that no matter how many times I tried – she was too busy. Two months later. there was an emergency with a patient, and she did not know where to find the emergency supplies. Of course, she blamed me. Easy to assign blame on others, but honestly, shouldn’t a person of her (self admitted) high stature and knowledge have considered that it might be good to orient herself on something very basic!  But it was my job – I should have insisted she get the orientation  and have her sign off on the paperwork. No matter, I disliked the job before she came and her arrival made be dislike it even more and I was looking at other options.

Fortunately I got another job right away (more $$ and less commute!). This was with a great company. They were looking for someone with a strong customer service background. I was very honest in the interview (I had a job at that time) and almost tried to talk them out of me. You see I had only been a nurse for 4 years, and most of my actual nursing skills were on night shift, when I was promoted to staff educator. I told them this. They liked me and didn’t seem to care. All was going well, I thought, until they called me in the office (2 days before my 3 month probationary period) and said it was not working out. They didn’t give me any concrete reasons, just it wasn’t working out the way they had hoped. I was shocked and sad. I loved that place!  However, some information has come to light since then (from an inside source) that led me to believe they hired me to buy time until the one they really wanted could take the job. Sucks for me!

The last job loss was my fault – I admit it!  I am a hard worker and a team player. I offered to work a night shift since we had no nursing staff to cover and needed someone. I had already worked 50 hours that week. I took the Friday day off to try to sleep all day in preparation for working Friday night. I didn’t get much sleep, which was only part of the problem. I did everything right except let the director of nursing know that next morning about an incident. I put the report in her mailbox – forgetting it was Saturday morning and she wouldn’t be back till Monday.  When Monday came she found the report and was very upset she was not told about it sooner. What can I say – I am human, I made a mistake. I also was out of a job again 😦

So, I am supposed to start a new job next week in an area that is very different from what I have done before. I hope they keep me for a while. I cannot believe the flaming hoops I have to jump through to get this job!  Credit check, background check, Drug check, W-2s for the last 7 years!! I am wondering if I will even get to start the job at this point! It’s crazy!

I think I learned that I am burnt out working in nursing administration for a salary. I want to work hourly, get the overtime pay when I work extra hours, and be able to turn off the phone/job when I am home. I want to enjoy the little bit of time I have with my kids before they go to college. I want to have time to work in my yard, write, exercise and work on a business plan. Maybe, I will have time for an actual date or better yet – a relationship! I have enjoyed my time off – even though I am broke and am looking forward to getting back to work and being able to pay my bills.  In my age bracket, I don’t think any of us believe we will actually be able to retire. I might as well enjoy the short-lived forced retirement I have been given!

Randomly Yours!