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The Musings of a Random Thinker

25 Mar

In everyday situations, I rarely share where I stand on controversial subjects. If I did, I would not have the relationships I have today. I value my friends more than the need to tell them my opinion. It’s not that I don’t think they can handle my opinion and they would not want to be friends with me. It is more about these being my personal feelings / thoughts and not something I am interested in changing via a discussion or argument with anyone. I do not learn in a confrontation and I avoid it whenever possible. I am open to changing my mind about things, but I will not be pressured into it just because someone doesn’t like what I think.

I learn by asking questions and doing research when the subjects come up. My friends know I am not shy about asking questions. I am always wondering why people do the things they do, what is their motivation, and what they feel about the outcome. I have a lot of interests and can talk with people about anything (except computer programming which is a subject area that tends to make my brain fog up and my eyes glaze over).

Anyway, since I like to write and think I have some valid thoughts to share about controversial subjects, I thought I would start here. Image