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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished!

20 Jan

I have heard this saying many times, but i have also seen that it is true. I am a fairly generous person with people I appreciate and love. I also feel sometimes people don’t appreciate the nice things i do…and it makes me feel like a fool and like i don;t ever want to help anyone out again!

2 years ago, a nursing friend of mine fell on hard times. She had been injured and out of work for three months. She did not have any disability insurance so, no income for three months. When she started back to work, a nurse that was hired to fill her spot wanted her job and lied and got her fired. I knew my friend was innocent, and she was later exonerated of all charges.

Because she was out of work she got behind on rent and car payments, car was taken by bank. Landlord evicted her. My church helped put her up in a hotel, I kept her things in my 2-car garage with the understanding that as soon as she got a new place, she would get it out.
I also gave her my old van so she could get back and forth to work.
She conveniently kept missing opportunities to sign the van paper work over to herself. I had to keep paying insurance until she did so.

well, she moved into a new place about 3 months later…

2 years later – still have her crap in my garage and just stopped paying insurance on the van, NOT because she finally signed the title but because she left it parked somewhere when it broke down…and it was towed for abandonment. I just sent her a 30 day notice registered letter about her stuff in my garage.

I am a tad miffed, feel I have been fully used and wonder if I would ever offer the same to anyone again.