Teaching young girls at Church

25 Apr

I was wrangled at my church to help with a young girls day in a couple of weeks. I was asked to speak at this event they call “Beautiful,” which will start with a ladies breakfast and switches to a young ladies lunch. My own daughters do not want to attend. 

So I accepted the task. I didn’t really have anything else going on since, at that time my job search was not getting much activity (happy to say I have a job – but it doesn’t start for another week and a half). But, I have only been a born-again Christian for 10 years, I left religion when I graduated high school – am I really qualified to teach young women? 

I do have three daughters, one in college and two in high school.  None of them have gotten pregnant, They really don’t date,  they do okay in school, they don’t do drugs or drink (as far as I can tell). They rarely go out except at church events or school events. I guess my girls are pretty good kids, but I think it is in-spite of me. Does that qualify me to teach in church? I sort of feel like a hippocrite though because I occasionally cuss, watch rated R movies, and sort of linger over the musculature of topless men. I don’t think appreciating youthful beauty is lust, is it? 

So, I know none of us perfect. I also know, many of the young girls seem to like me (they call me mom and hug me). I can’t say I have gone out of my way to get to know them, but I think they find me funny (I look funny at least). I certainly don’t act like most adults at the church. I wear jeans, dance and sing songs they know (I had to listen to One Direction for 13 hours on a thanksgiving trip to see family, you learn the words of the songs). Also, I am fairly easy going compared to other adults at the church. So, I guess that might qualify me for this job – but the responsibility!

Anyway,  I am going to give it a try. I hope they will find it informative. My assigned title is “Whose Label do you Wear?” Just Prior will be a reading about “You don’t need a Man.”  Basically, I want them to know about dressing modestly, attracting quality not quantity. A guy needs to get to know the most beautiful part of you – your inner beauty! So, if you have a suggestion let me know or you can just pray I say the right words.






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